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“Woody Allen: A documentary."

Year: 2012

Country: US

Director: Robert B. Weide

Stars: Woody Allen, Letty Aronson, Marshall Brickman


Not everybody has the staying power, not everybody has the tenacity, and not everybody has so much to say. – способность удержать свои позиции, живучесть, жизнеспособность; упорство

He's kind of peerless. – не имеющий равных, несравненный

On the one hand, he'd be brilliant, and his insights were amazing, but on the other hand, he'd be an idiot. – наблюдения, идеи

He's also not normal. You know, he's not of the normal stock. – букв. стадо, стая

He's cripplingly shy. – понездоровому стеснительный

Oh, he's definitely a little nutty. = crazy

He really wears his heart on his sleeve. – не скрывать свои эмоций и чувств

And then somewhere around 5 or so, I turned grumpier or sour. – зд. угрюмый, мрачный

Once I became aware of my mortality, I thought, "hey, you know, deal me out I don't want to play in this game" – зд. исключить из игры

"Don't you realize you're going to go up in a smokestack in a short while? – букв. дымовая труба

I mean, doesn't that thought sort of put a damper on things? – все портит

But this is only my particular take on everything. – взгляд, мнение

You know, bakery stores and delicatessens. – магазин-кулинария

This was a carry-over from the depression, when families were getting together. – последствия

And I was in my crib at the time, she could wrap me in a blanket, completely cutting off all my air, and smother me and then just dump me in the garbage outside. – детская кроватка; задушить; выбросить

You know, the world be poorer a number of great one-liners. – короткая шутка, острота

And he was like egg candling or something like that, jewelry engraving... – проводить овоскопирование; делать гравировку

You never stayed put for five minutes. – на месте не сидеть

I'll just grab my lid.зд. шляпа, кепка

I used to sit on this stoop all the time, and this was where we rooted against the Nazis. – крыльцо со ступеньками; болеть, отдавать предпочтение

A very pretty theater with plush carpets and sconces. – канделябр

And he has that sweet, winsome sound. – приятный, бодрый, веселый

My house is always full of clarinet reeds everyplace. – муз. язычок

I can touch-type. – печатать вслепую

You couldn't sit in a room waiting for your muse to come and tickle you. – пощекотать

And it was grueling, but you learned to write. – изнурительно

Joke: Richard Nixon’s trip to Russia. He's going to Russia, and he said he hopes he gets along

with them, and so actually, you know, if he doesn't get along with them, he'll kind of be in trouble, because, you know, you can't call anybody a communist and hurt their career over there, you know.

I didn't know what to expect, and I went to the Blue Angel, and this somewhat gnomish man came out, and he began to talk. – похожий на гнома

He was so unused to being in front of an audience that he would tie the mic cord around his neck. – шнур от микрофона

Joke: I must pause for one fast second and say a fast word about oral contraception. I was involved in an extremely good example of oral contraception two weeks ago. I asked a girl to go bed with me, and she said, "no".

The pill came along. = oral contraception became available

You can't get a divorce unless you can prove adultery. супружеская измена

Charlie and I would have to literally shove him onto the stage to do his act. – выталкивать, выпихивать

I could have all the comic books I wanted and tootsie rolls and chocolate buttons and wax lips. – a brand of chewy candy; a type of chocolate cookies; a candy product made of colored and flavored wax, molded to resemble a pair of oversized red lips

I figured, "what the heck?" – почему бы и нет?

'Cause jack's theory was to saturate the country with me as much as he could so I would be a household name. – букв. насытить; имя, известное каждому

And he came on in tails and twirling a cane and top hat. – фрак; трость; цилиндр

He wanted me to seep into the pores of the multitude. – просочиться, проникнуть

The two of them knew and liked each other and really enjoyed playing off the other. – разыгрывать

I always grinned when I saw him in the wings about to come out, 'cause I knew we were going to have fun. – наготове

Woody's improve skill deserves to be legendary. – способность импровизировать

And on the air I would throw something at Woody and dare him to give examples of something, and he would instantly go into something that ranked with the very best of Second city's vaunted improvisers. – в прямом эфире; a nickname of Chicago; расхваленный

Joke: The British in India Invented the game called Poona. The question is, is the game still played? And if so, how? :: Um, it requires two consenting adults to play the game. And one is the Pooner and one is the Poonee. You spin a dial, and you can advance two squares if you like, and you have to yell out, "Poonee! Poonee!" And then they give you paper money, Or "script," as it's called. And then you smear butter on the person you're playing with and recite the word "nutmeg" seven times. First one to reach The Poonatorium is the winner.

That's uncanny. – уникально, необыкновенно

They had their hand in every pie, and so they were taking my script and mangling it. – ср. везде совать свой нос; коверкать, портить

He had no leverage whatsoever in what went on. зд. влияние; = at all

And nobody is going to interfere with him and get him tripped up in any way. – оступиться, сделать ошибку

I didn't know the first thing about filmmaking. = I didn't know anything

This is a holdup? – ограбление банка

Look at the bright side. – смотри на это с позитивной стороны

Sexual relations with girls of every race, creed and color. – вероисповедание

We bonded, and we got to be friends and became close. – сблизиться

I just had a big crush, instantly. = I liked him a lot

And he would sometimes do his impression of James Earl Jones and I would crack up and destroy the scene. – пародия; расхохотаться

She bought it. = she believed in it

And he said "you got a deal" – ср. по рукам (о заключении сделки)

And through a circuitous series of events, I become the leader of that country during a revolution. – букв. окольный

That's - I think, pithy. – выразительный, многозначительный

And I would just nudge him and go, you know, "Woody, woody, wake up, I’m bored. Say something funny. " – слегка подталкивать локтем

It's an exploration of the ins and outs, every little nook and cranny of our sexual motivations and interests, and graphically illustrated. – детали, специфика, подробности; уголок, укромное место

She became a very good friend of mine right away and I got along with her swimmingly. – превосходно

And he put her in the audience as his shill. – подставное лицо

We'd sneak off and play hooky. – незаметно улизнуть; прогулять уроки

I was aware of some of his truancy. – прогулы

Woody had disdain for school. – презрение

The teachers were almost all gentiles, and he wasn't your best student. – неиудей

I go into the hospital for a lousy operation, I wake up 200 years later, and I’m Flash Gordon. – вшивый, дурацкий; the hero of a science fiction adventure comic strip

The first half before the intermissionперерыв, антракт

I would fall into a vat of, you know, the cryogenic vat and get frozen. – бочка, корыто

And we very soon were disabused of that for a lot of reasons. – вывести из заблуждения, открыть глаза на что-л., разубедить

another ploy that interested me was… - прием

I would have had to have played the whole film as a fugitive, but silent. – беглец, беженец

And it would've given me an excuse to make a silent comedy without actually going and doing a throwback. – букв. возврат к прошлому, регресс

And then we realized that our strong suit was actually dialogue. – конек, сильная сторона

Of course, there's that one sequence with the giant banana. – сцена, эпизд

I finished my raisinets and I made a spitball out of my cardboard box… - сhocolate-covered raisins; шарик из жёваной бумаги

And she was allegedly naked in the film. – будто бы, как утверждали

I do, you know, a clumsy version. – неуклюжий

You know, I just feel that life is divided up into the horrible and the miserable. Those are the two categories. The horrible would be like terminal cases and blind people, cripples. I don't know how they get through life. – ужасный; жалкий; калека

Now I should start making films a little more mature, that aren't just gags and vignettes thrown together. – шутка, острота, импровизация, комический номер; сценка

Let's start making them, you know, a little more cohesive. – целостный

Putting Gordon Willis and Woody together was like a very odd pairing because, you know, Woody was this sort of loosey-goosey comedian and Gordon was this very strict, disciplined photographer. – странное сочетание; нескладный, неуклюжий

We hit it off right away. – найти общий язык, поладить

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